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The Secret Way to Clean a Cutting Board

Your cutting board has seen better days. It makes sense--rarely a recipe goes by where you don’t need to bust it out. But after the chicken dish you made last night, you’re going to need more than soap and water to get it legit clean. Here, a two-item trick that’ll kill the germs and the smell.

What you need: A lemon and a little bit of coarse salt

What you do: Sprinkle the cutting board (wooden or plastic) with salt, then slice the lemon in half. With the cut side down, rub it in a circular motion over the salt as you scour the board. Give the cutting board one final rinse with soap and water. You’re done.

Whoa, this works? Yep. The acidity of the lemon/salt combo not only sanitizes the board, it also brightens discolorations and removes gross smells.

Screw the dishwasher. Lemons to the rescue.

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