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The Stupid Easy Way to Get Rid of Ink Stains

Remember paper? You know, that stuff you used before iEverything? How about pens, the things you needed to write on said paper. Sure, 95 percent of life occurs online now, but every once in a while you might scribe a handwritten note, only to be scorned by an exploding pen that turns your crisp white shirt into a sartorial Rorschach test. Here’s what to do the next time you’re faced with a stubborn ink stain.

What you need: Sea salt and a fresh lemon.

What you do: If the stain is on an article of clothing, place some sort of barrier (like a washcloth) between the stained side and the clean side. Sprinkle some sea salt on the stain and then squeeze the juice from half of the lemon on top. Let it sit until dry, then wash as usual. This works because of the lemon's natural acidity and essential oils and salt's abrasive qualities (especially when you're using a coarser kind, like sea salt). 

What you do with the other half of the lemon and remaining sea salt: Make a margarita in celebration of your stain-removing prowess.

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