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Hockey sticks… rakes… that old box of weird doilies: If it doesn’t belong anywhere in your house, chances are it goes in the garage. Which means, if you’re anything like us, your garage has turned into a cluttered no man’s land of junk, junk and more junk. Here, seven ways to keep things tidy.


Hang bikes from the ceiling

Invest in a pulley system or just mount large hooks on the ceiling to get bikes up off the floor and away from your Miata beat-up Honda.


Hoist up other big items

Gather your fishing rods, canoes and kayaks (so outdoorsy!) and hang those puppies from the ceiling as well. Revel in easy-ish retrieval for that one time a year when you actually use them.


Corral sports balls with bungee cords

Sometimes it’s OK to put baby in a corner.


Keep storage containers close to the ceiling

Leave more room for your Miatas beat-up Hondas by installing suspended shelving high on your walls or hung directly from the ceiling.


Organize shovels and rakes with PVC pipe scraps

Step it up with painter’s tape labels so everything gets put back in its proper place.


Loop up cords, chains and hoses

Mount a simple coat hook and cut a chain to length for easing looping and unlooping.


Store hand tools on a wall-mounted pegboard

Pegboards: What can’t they do?


Keep track of drill bits with magnetic knife racks

Because clever women never dig through a toolbox for a drill bit.

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