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You already know how to layer jackets, sweaters and jewelry. But did you know you should also be layering your…rugs?

The newest trend in home decor takes its cues from the casual beach-house aesthetic. Here’s how to mix patterns, textures and sizes to create your very own visual symphony.

Center a smaller throw on top of an area rug

The calfskin says “I’m an adventurous world traveler” while the flat weave says “sensible homebody.”

Or overlap edges to lead from one space to another

So effortless. So chic.

Stick with the same type of rug but in different patterns or colors

This room feels eclectic but unified, thanks to three flat-weave rugs in contrasting designs.

Change it up from season to season

For an instant room makeover, we love the idea of switching out the top patterned rug to something graphic and modern.


Combine small rugs into a larger area rug

Busy? More like fabulous.

Make a graphic pattern pop with color on top

Great for that black-and-white chevron rug you’re totally bored by.


And when all else fails, go sheepskin

Who doesn’t want to step right out of bed and onto a cloud?

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