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A rug that slides all over the place is perfect for nailing your best Risky Business moves. But on the whole, you probably want to keep that sucker in place. Here’s a clever trick for making it skid-free, whether your floors are tile, linoleum or wood.

What you need: An area rug or mat and at least four small pieces of Velcro, front and back. (Either cut-up squares from a strip or pre-cut circles will do.)

What you do: After making sure your floors are clean (no dust bunnies!), decide where you want your rug to go, then grab your Velcro pieces. Stick one side of the Velcro to each rug corner, then line up its counterpart on the appropriate spot on the floor. Add a piece in the middle of longer sides for extra security. Press your rug in place. Voilà: no budging!

OK, but after a couple months my rug started slipping again. Switch out your Velcro pads. They’re an effective but temporary solution. Do not--we repeat--do not use super glue!

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