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That super-cute peacock print you couldn’t wait to hang? Turns out, it’s best displayed at eye level. NBD, except for the fact that if you move it, you’ll need to spackle over the teeny-tiny holes left behind by the nails on your white walls. Here’s the most painless way to do it.

What you need: Toothpaste (the regular white kind, not the gel), an extra toothbrush and a pack of playing cards.

Step 1: Brush toothpaste directly into the hole, then use a playing card to scrape off any excess.

Step 2: Give it 24 hours to dry. If you can still see any imperfections, give it a second coat.

Step 3: If the toothpaste is the same color as your wall, you’re good to go. If not, do a quick touch-up with that extra paint you’ve got sitting in the basement.

Step 4: Rejoice. Enjoy peacock print. 

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