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You’ve been waiting for this moment all day. The PJs are on, the final episode of Downton (BRB, sobbing) is all queued up and the Merlot is poured. Ahhh, the perfect Monday night…until--whoops--you reach for the remote and accidentally send the glass flying, leaving your pristine white shag looking like the scene of a murder.

No need to cry over spilled red; just grab the Morton and get to work.

What you need: A paper towel, a third to a half cup of salt and a wet rag.

What you do: First, dab and blot the wine with the paper towel. DO NOT RUB. Next, pour the salt liberally over the entire stain ASAP. Wasting any time will allow the stain to set. Leave the salt on for the next 24 hours (even if this means Whiskers is banished from the living room for a day and a half). Finally, rinse with a wet washcloth.

How it works: The salt absorbs much of the liquid (and hence, the color) from the fabric. The nifty tricks works on clothing as well.

Clumsy, much? That’s OK. We’re always here for you.

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