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The Lazy (but Effective) Way to Get Stains Out of Bathtub Caulk

That clear caulk around the tub looks great when it's white and fresh--but seems to be a magnet for mold the instant you take a shower. Here, a super-easy way to keep it looking brand new.

What you need: Paper towels and your trusty household bleach.

What you do: Soak the towels in bleach, then use them to line the caulk--really pressing them into every nook and cranny. Let them sit for a few hours before removing and rinsing.

Why it works: The saturated paper towels keep a concentrated amount of bleach on the problem area--way more than if you were to simply scrub your tub.

Will my bathroom smell like a swimming pool? Unlikely. But flick on that fan and crack the window if you’re worried.

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