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Hostess Must-Have: Sassy Cocktail Napkins
Shoulda put out the sassy napkins...

We’re all happy to have our loved ones over for the holidays. But along with feelings of joy, gratitude and cheer come underlying tension, resentment and grouchiness.

One way to break the ice? Lay out some sarcastic cocktail napkins. Just be sure to slide one under Aunt Sheila’s holiday punch before she starts truth-talking.

The napkin: Forced Family Fun ($18 for 50)
Why we love it: Great at Christmas but also useful year-round. 

The napkin: It’s Not a Family Get-Together Until Someone Has a Meltdown ($6 for 20)
Why we love it: Because doesn’t someone always end up crying in the bathroom?

The napkin: It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Glass of Wine ($6 for 20)
Why we love it: Or three. Whatever helps get you through.

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