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You logged onto Snapfish. You uploaded that precious photo of your kids in front of the fireplace in matching sweaters. You are ready to order your holiday cards. But before you press “send,” make sure you’re not guilty of these three super-common grammar mistakes.

Mistake #1: Seasons Greetings!
Correction: Season’s Greetings!
Possessives. Learn 'em, live 'em, love 'em.

Mistake #2: Happy New Years!
Correction: Happy New Year!
Unless you are wishing your friends many happy years to come, leave the “s” off. And remember, “New Year’s Eve” requires a possessive.

Mistake #3: Love, the Fiorito’s
Correction: Love, the Fioritos
Fioritos, plural. (Would be different if you were talking about the Fioritos' famous holiday shindig.)

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