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Your own personal assistant, tall, dark and eager.

What do women want? According to the new company ManServants, a handsome six-footer to do their (PG-rated) bidding.

Yes, ladies, for only $125 an hour, you can rent a man to come to your home, business or wherever and fulfill your fantasies. (Requests are vetted by the staff as they match you with a hunk.) There’s also a giftable video #mangram you can send a friend.

So let’s riff: You could rent, say, Tom to help you set up a beach party for you and your girlfriends. Or Dick could mix cocktails and run a girlfriend’s baby shower. Or Harry could carry your bags on a blowout shopping trip. Our favorite feature is #InstaLover, which lets you hire some charming beefcake who’s big on Instagram to “Like” and sweetly comment on your best friend’s posts (only $30 for a month!).

Co-owners Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah are former ad execs who started the firm in San Francisco last year. (Learn more about their inspiration by watching this LOL video.) Now they’ve expanded to L.A. and Palm Springs.

Finally, someone to feed us frozen grapes between fanning us poolside, Cleopatra-style.

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