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Dry cleaning is crazy expensive (not to mention bad for the environment and your threads). So what’s a New Yorker to do? Call on the eco-friendly detergent, fabric care and home cleaning line The Laundress and ditch the cleaners for good.

Little-known fact: Ninety percent of clothes labeled “dry clean only” are actually washable, and The Laundress is spreading the word with their new “We Love Laundry” movement. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Give The Laundress a spin by signing up for their email newsletter. Next, they’ll send you a free sample of clothing wash that’s specifically formulated for wool, cashmere or delicates.

Step 2: When you’re ready to make the switch, you’ll get 20 percent off, plus free shipping for orders over $50 (or $5 flat-rate shipping on everything else) when you order through their website. Not sure where to begin? Try the Dry Cleaning Detox Kit to eliminate chemicals from your clothes forever.

Step 3: Enjoy your incredibly clean and fresh-smelling clothes. See ya, cleaners.

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