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Heaven help us, we love our pets. So when we discovered Sophie Gamand?s Instagram feed, we nearly fell over Fido in happiness.

Guys, it?s all puppies...after baths. We?ll give you a moment.

We know what you?re thinking. How in the world does Sophie make such arresting art out of such a wet, furry mess? That?s why we teamed up with our friends at Delta Faucet (the people who make getting clean just as beautiful as getting messy) to bring you our new series, Passion Projects.

In the first video of the series, you?ll see Sophie and one of her "models" in action. Then be on the lookout for more installments. We?ll take you behind the scenes with six of our favorite creative types: a celeb chef, an interior designer and even someone who tries on lipstick for a living.

Sure, you can spend your day reading 901 ways to clean your closet. We think it?s a lot more fun to take a moment to celebrate the people who roll up their sleeves, dig into their passions and embrace the mess along the way.

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