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In the market for a new best friend? Head to the International Kennel Club Dog Show at McCormick Place this weekend. Check out various breeds during the agility demonstrations and Best in Show competition--and before you go, narrow down your wish list with these lifestyle-inspired picks from dog trainer Nancy Reyes, of Melrose Park’s For Your K9.

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Lincoln Park

You live in: A small one-bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park with plenty of green space nearby.
Consider: A greyhound, pug, Boston terrier (above) or French bulldog. These breeds have low to moderate exercise needs and are OK with some alone time.

/images/articles/Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square

You live in: A house with a small yard in Lincoln Square. You have young kids, and there are parks nearby.
Consider: A beagle or miniature Labradoodle (above). These breeds have moderate exercise needs, enjoy outdoor activities and are generally tolerant of children.

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Gold Coast

You live in: A Gold Coast condo. You travel frequently and would like to take your pet along.
Consider: An Italian greyhound, Havanese (above) or miniature poodle. These breeds are easy to travel with, quiet and fancy looking.



You live in: A Naperville house with a big yard where your dog and baby can both play.
Consider: A Bernese mountain dog, standard poodle, newfoundland, rough-coated collie or golden retriever (above). These breeds are athletic enough to enjoy a large outdoor space, but not bred for critter-chasing. They’re generally gentle with babies.

/images/articles/South Loop

South Loop

You live in: A South Loop townhouse with easy access to the lakefront, where you love to go running.
Consider: A Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever (above) or a labrador retriever. These breeds are athletic with hearty physical endurance, and they’re good water dogs.

/images/articles/North Shore

North Shore

You live in: A big house with a yard on the North Shore. You’re semi-retired and want a calm dog with an easy, relaxed personality.
Consider: A newfoundland, bassett hound (above), or rough-coated collie. These breeds are calm and easygoing with minimal exercise needs.

/images/articles/Logan Square

Logan Square

You live in: A Logan Square apartment, and you walk to work at a nearby graphic design firm.
Consider: An American pitbull terrier or a Chihuahua (above). These are perfect hipster dogs, surprisingly. The APT is famously people-friendly, and you can wear your Chihuahua in a puppy Bjorn around the studio.

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