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Ah, summers in San Francisco. The overcast skies. The rolling fog. The cool evening temps. Makes you just want to snuggle up in bed, doesn’t it?

To make things all the more cozy, try Luna, the world’s first smart mattress cover that personalizes your sleep experience.

Made with thin, ultra-lightweight sensors, Luna (and its corresponding app) is equipped with a number of features to help you achieve a better night’s sleep--like “dual zone technology.” Translation: You can warm each side of the bed to a different temperature depending on how toasty you want to be. You can also sync Luna with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices (think lights, music or your coffee machine), and it even has a “smart alarm” system that learns the least invasive times to wake you up.

How? The device carefully monitors your movement, heart rate and respiration rate to detect patterns and then coaches you into better sleep without your having to wear a gadget to bed.

Preorder your Luna and use the code PWOW30 to get $30 off any size cover.

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