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You know the drill: A great night’s sleep and baby, you’re a firework. A crappy night’s sleep and, well, no amount of Americanos can set things right.

Enter Luna, the world’s first smart mattress cover.

Based on the belief that better sleep equals a better life, Luna carefully monitors your pulse and respiration to detect patterns, identify health concerns and otherwise shed light on the great mystery of sleep. A godsend for those of us who dread it.

And that’s not even close to all it can do. Our favorite features include the smart alarm, which learns the least invasive time to wake you up--and then does so by syncing with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices (lights, music, even the coffeemaker). “Dual temperature zones” are another goodie: You can heat each side of the bed to a different temperature (you know, since Larry was a polar bear in his past life).

As for the construction itself? Undetectably thin, super light and completely machine washable.

Luna’s implications for fitful sleepers are obviously groundbreaking. But we see its casual uses (warming up our bed before we get home; soothing sore muscles without disturbing our partner) as more than enough incentive to join the party.

Currently in preorder; set to ship this August.

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