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This Life-Changing Robot Will Fold Your Laundry in Less Than 60 Seconds

Folding laundry is the worst--which is exactly why we’re super intrigued by the Foldimate, a brand-new gadget out of San Francisco that promises to fold and steam all your clothes (yes, even those tricky collared dress shirts) in 60 seconds or less.

Basically you would set the machine up right next to your washer/dryer. Then, all you have to do is attach the clothes that need folding and robotic arms will suck the garment in and spit it out completely folded and pressed. Here’s a video demo so you can see it in action.

FYI, the Foldimate isn’t exactly cheap: It will run you between $700 and $850, per the company’s website. Also, it won’t be released until 2018 (pre-orders start in 2017). Still, as far as laundry fantasies go, this seems like a game-changer.

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