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Finally, an Alternative to Ikea Has Arrived

Buying new furniture will eventually make your apartment look fabulous, but there are always a bunch of steps before the “lounging on the couch with rosé and Netflix” phase.

Enter Greycork, a just-launched furniture company that will ship an entire living room set to your door. And guess what? You can assemble it all in 20 minutes.

Each piece takes only four minutes to put together, doesn’t require any tools--not even one of those weird miniature wrench things--and is durable enough to be disassembled and reassembled again and again. (Checkmate, Ikea.)

For $1,000, you’ll get a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf, all of which are made of ash wood and medium-density fiberboard. The clean, streamlined pieces were created by Rhode Island School of Design grads. Not too shabby--and the founders promise the quality won’t be, either.

Here’s the catch: For now, Greycork is available only on Indiegogo, and the furniture won’t be shipped until December. But judging by the photos of the finished products, these stylish pieces (and their free, flat-box shipping) are worth the wait.

Sure beats hauling a sofa on the ferry from Red Hook.

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