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You went to grad school. You run your own business. You're the toast of the town. So why can't you keep a damn plant alive? Take heart: Between dust, too much sun, not enough sun, the wrong kind of sun, indirect versus direct sun, it's not easy keeping your house green. Thankfully, the faux plant market has improved dramatically and there's a new crop of flowers, plants and trees that are as pretty as they are indestructible.


The Best Boxwood

Flank your mantle with a pair. ($49 each)


Find Your Fiddle Leaf

​It's the keystroke of every interior designer who has ever been featured in Architectural Digest. ​But it's yours for a fraction of the "I hired an interior decorator" cost. ​($68​3)


Cali Living With a Succulent

Californians love two things--embattled politics and neat succulents. We'll adopt the latter. ($45)


Choose these Cherry Blossoms

?It's like it's spring, again! (And again, and again...). ($329)

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