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Confession: We?ve killed every plant that has ever graced our home. You too?

Then you?ll love Eliza Blank. That is, if you want your house to look as if it?s been ripped from the pages of a design magazine.

Blank runs The Sill, a residential and commercial plant-design company that can swoop in and, in a mere afternoon, turn any interior into a verdant playground. But what?s even better is that Eliza?s team helps their clients keep those succulents, ferns and fiddle-leaf trees (why so sad and droopy, dear tree?) perky and, well, alive. 

We caught up with Eliza to see what a day in the dirt looks like. And heavens to Betsy, this woman is a boss. Trust us, there?s something about seeing a smart-as-a-whip female entrepreneur slinging mud.

This video is the second installment of our Passion Projects, a partnership with our friends at Delta Faucet that aims to celebrate the creative people who spend their days immersed in their passions (and sometimes elbow-deep in potting soil).

Watch and grow.

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