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Everything’s planned for dinner. The tenderloin goes into the oven at 5, the truffle grits start at 7 and the pumpkin soup was ready hours ago. But what about the centerpiece?

Here, five places in Dallas that have you covered.


Urban Flower Grange Hall

The Travis Street boutique is known for dark jewelry and decor, but it’s also our go-to for edgy centerpieces. Think deer horns, dried butterflies, even aviary taxidermy (hopefully you won’t give Nana a heart attack with that last one). Prices range drastically for these one-of-a-kind creations, but be ready to spend $200 for a good-size showstopper.

4445 Travis St., Suite 101; 214-443-0600 or


Bows + Arrows

The ubercreative folks behind Bows + Arrows in Downtown Dallas are not only up on the latest floral trends (they say cactus is huge right now), they also host seasonal workshops (from $350) to help us Martha Stewart wannabes do it ourselves. Pricing starts at $150 per centerpiece. 

4908 Bryan St.; 214-828-2697 or


Cebolla Fine Flowers

Cebolla, near Love Field, offers up traditional designs with a bit of je ne sais quoi. We're totally loving this chic rustic centerpiece made from dried flowers, Fairytale pumpkins, moss and burlap ($75 to $85).

5610 Maple Ave.; 214-369-7673 or


Avant Garden

The Avant Garden boutique in Highland Park Village is a think tank for what’s next on the floral scene. How cool is this out-of-the-box creation ($250) made from hundreds of acorns and a well-cleaned tree stump?

4 Highland Park Village; 214-559-3432 or


Dr. Delphinium

If you’re looking for a lasting centerpiece--one without fresh flowers and foliage--check out this Dr Delphinium masterpiece made from grain, feathers, corn and dried greenery ($85). This savvy florist has rocked the Dallas scene for more than 20 years. There’s something to be said for longevity.

5806 W. Lovers Lane; 214-522-9911 or

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