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Designer Kindling is The Ultimate Hostess Gift
Come on hipster, light my fire.

Ah, the smell of fresh burning pine, the crackle of oily eucalyptus: That’s what we’re looking for in a fire pit experience. (Well, that and a really gooey s’more.)

Now you can give the sweet smell of hyper-local nature with Spiritual Kindling, the giftable bundle of fire starter ($25) created from Malibu timber. 

Campfire lover Mei Ling Lee collects bits of fallen trees during hikes through the 40-acre Lookout Ranch where she lives. She bundles them with wild sage, lavender and other herbs, then ties them prettily with twine. When you scatter bits of the bundle on top of logs and light a fire, you'll pretty much immediately get a sexy, herbal-tinged scent.

And there’s even a ritual to go along with your kindling. Each bundle comes with an intention card on which you write your plans, hopes or dreams for that night or the near future, then toss it into the fire. We recommend getting a pack of ten cards ($12) and having guests fill them out—because even through all that smoke, your tribe just might find some clarity.

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