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Remember the good old days when photographs were something you stored in a shoebox? Sigh.

We aren’t exactly suggesting you pick that habit back up, but we do think it’s a nice idea to resurrect select gems from the cloud, your Facebook, your sister’s Photostream, wherever they’re floating in the ether.

Here, some inventive new ways to print, display and mail your digital pics.


Print on Canvas: Canvas Pop

Don?t just rely on hashtags to showcase your skills to the world--make actual art out of your travel pics. We especially love the company?s Triptych option, which divides your photo into three separate canvases.


Print on Wood: InkDot

Same idea here but in a far less expected medium. The result looks especially rustic-chic against an exposed-brick wall.


Print on Tin: PostalPix

Metallics are always a solid bet in fashion, so why not for photography too? PostalPix prints your shots onto aircraft-grade aluminum, making pretty rad additions to your gallery wall.


Print on Tile: ImageSnap

Maybe not a backsplash of your kids’ faces… But the idea of a single tile, mounted on an easel might just make Nana’s day. Gift on.


Print in a Book: Picaboo

True story: We just did this on a milestone birthday for all our college friends. (Of course, heavy on the embarrassing photos.) And it killed.


Print and Mail as Postcards: Postagram

While we’ve never seen an actual unicorn, we imagine the feeling to be pretty similar to receiving mail. Turn your pics into postcards and drop a little line saying “hello” or “I love you” or “here’s my cat.”

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