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Coffee is your worst enemy. So are tacos, glasses of red wine and anything that’s handed to you in a quivering teacup. Face it: You’re a spiller. Luckily, these products have got your back. (And your front. And your lap.)

spills shirt1

The unstainable shirt

You heard us: These blouses and shells are 100 percent stainproof, thanks to a special fabric that wicks away virtually any spill.

Elizabeth & Clarke ($50)

spills ruggable

The machine-washable rug

Buh-bye professional carpet cleaners. Ruggables are lovely area rugs you can toss in the washer/dryer. (They separate from a nonslip rubber backing.)

Ruggable (from $80)

spills tide

The stain remover pen

A magic wand when it comes to on-the-go spills and stains, the Tide pen is a travel/work/everyday essential.

Target ($3)

spills phone

The device saver

Constantly spilling martinis on your phone? This company will apply an invisible coating to protect your tech from accidental spills--you can even plunge your device directly in water once it’s been coated!

Liquipel ($60)

spills flor

The tile rug

In addition to looking super cool, FLOR carpet squares are great for frequent spillers (and kids). Each “tile” easily snaps out of place for spot cleaning or replacement.

FLOR (from $14/tile)

spills silkwipes

The silk fabric wipe

These wipes might be targeted at men, but they’ll work on any high-end silk to lift stains without harming the fabric.

Nordstrom ($10)

spills ecotop

The adult sippy cup

Want to prevent the spill in the first place? Convert your favorite coffee mug into a portable sippy cup with Ecotop. Then continue gesturing wildly with abandon.

Ecotop ($6)

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