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Sure, you’re a pro at faking a clean house in minutes, but when faced with a major spill or cleaning snafu, we want you armed and ready. That’s why we rounded up the 14 best cleaning hacks we discovered this year. No job too small.


1. Remove a scorch mark from your iron with a dash of table salt.

2. And restore the finish on a scorched Le Creuset with an easy vinegar/baking soda combo.

3. Then there’s your cast iron pan. Did you know you can clean it with kosher salt?


4. Now tackle the oven. Here’s the easy way to deep-clean it yourself with baking soda and water.

5. As for a stinky fridge: try coffee grounds.

6. Then make a natural air freshener with vodka. (Seriously.)


7. Give lampshades a quick once-over with a lint roller.

8. Make your bed while you’re still in it.

9. Pick up broken glass with a slice of bread.

10. And clean your bathtub with a grapefruit. (Dammit.)



11. If your windows look streaky, use newspapers to make sure they glisten and shine.

12. Speaking of streaky, a dryer sheet works wonders for shower glass streaks.

13. And speaking of wonders, did you know you can use a Post-It to tidy up a dirty computer keyboard?


14. For everything else, just use a Magic Eraser. It’s the secret cleaning weapon you never knew you needed in your life.

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