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Crumb patrol? Kinda fun.

As long as we can find the time, cleaning the house isn’t our idea of a chore: Is there anything more satisfying than stepping back and taking in your gleaming surfaces and spotless floors? 

Now obsessives like us can experience neatnik nirvana by test-driving the tools of the trade from Dyson, the inventive vacuum company that has its U.S. corporate headquarters in River North.

Dyson’s first-ever U.S. pop-up shop just opened in the glass cube at Old Orchard mall. When you go, be sure to check out the V6 Absolute, a super-powerful cordless vacuum with a special attachment developed specifically to make quick work of hardwood floors.

You know how there’s always that last Cheerio or white feather from a down pillow that just won’t go away, no matter how many times you vacuum over it? Not with this puppy. Its soft roller cleaner head keeps a tight seal with the floor so nothing can escape.

Yes, the handy little machine will set you back $600. But, as Wayne would say, “It certainly does suck.”

Dyson is at The Cube at Westfield Old Orchard through April 30; 4999 Old Orchard Center;

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