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We're all grown-ups here, so let's get real: Cancer happens. Illness happens. And life ain't always fair. 

If it's happened to someone you know, then you're aware of that sinking-pit feeling you get in your stomach when you try to think of what the hell to say(Truth: You'll probably screw it up.)

But now the brilliant illustrator (and cancer survivor) Emily McDowell has created a new line of empathy cards designed to take the pressure off struggling well-wishers. They say the exact (hilarious) things a serious-illness patient wants to hear.

Chemo Wrecks Your Taste Buds

Take it from a cancer-surviving PureWow editor, too: Everything tastes like dirt--and that's entirely OK to make fun of.

Trashy TV Cures All

And being a cuddle buddy is the perfect gift.

Don’t Be Overly Positive

"This sucks." That's always the right thing to say.

And Don’t Be Overly Dramatic

Just...shhh...that story is not going to turn out how you mean it.

Just Be Honest

It's also OK to admit you're at a loss for words (or that you got so weirded out you bailed entirely). Your friend is pretty weirded out, too.


And Just Be Funny

Life is insane. No one will get that more than them. So when in doubt, buy silly cards. (And go binge Empire on their couch.)

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