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Can Your Espresso Machine Do This?
Ta-ta, Starbucks barista.

If you’re of the belief that a cup of joe is a cup of joe, then fair warning: This story isn’t for you. You may like this ditty a bit more.

Au contraire, if you believe any espresso shot pulled in less than one minute isn’t worth drinking, then rejoice: La Marzocco Home is here.

The famous Italian company, which previously built only commercial-grade machines, is now catering to the kitchen-counter set with a highfalutin, fully customizable appliance made for your humble abode.

The new GS3 offers the same functionality that baristas use to create the perfect shot of espresso. Meaning, you can grind your own beans, pack ’em down and create perfectly frothy milk (our fave).

You can also configure six different parts of the machine, from body panels to wood accents. (Dear white and maple, you’d look great in our kitchen.)

In conjunction with the launch, the company has partnered with the gurus at Seattle’s ChefSteps (the U.S. branch of La Marzocco is headquartered in Seattle) to offer a free course in making espresso.

Again, just so we’re clear, this is for the true espresso lover-- the base model starts at $6,900. But if you’re already paying $5 a day for your daily Flat White, then perhaps it’s a sound investment.

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