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Can Ikea Save Your Relationship?
Ikea: the new couple's therapy

Anyone who’s put together Ikea furniture and lived to tell about it can attest that it’s a make or break situation. Now Santa Monica-based therapist Dr. Ramani Durvasula is using furniture assembly as a way to test the strength of a relationship.

For the exercise, Durvasula asks clients to order a large piece--like a wall unit--from the Swedish retailer. Then she either watches the assembly via Skype or asks the couple to report back to her on how it went. (Here’s a video of one session--watch if you dare.)

Durvasula is looking for the three C’s of coupledom: communication, collaboration and compromise. When couples hit a snag in the assembly process, or in the daily hassles of life, they should avoid the all-too-easy tendency to blame their partner.

And here’s a big takeaway: When assembly hits a snag, as it can in the daily hassles of life, couples should avoid the all-too-easy tendency toward blaming.

No word on what you’re supposed to do if your beloved has misplaced the Allen wrench again, though.



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