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Are You Prepared If the Power Goes Out?
Candles ain't gonna cut it.

Fact: Big storms can cause prolonged power outages. And should your lights go out, are you prepared?

Here?s a quick list of emergency equipment and supplies to have delivered--you know, just in case.

Backup power Get a mini generator that?s portable, so you can store it until you need it. Look for a model with a low-oil shutoff function so it doesn?t burn itself out. The Rigid RD903600 Generator ($499) comes with its own collapsible hand truck and will run up to 11 hours on 4 gallons of gas.

Three days? food and water You need three days? worth of drinking water--one gallon per person per day--and non-perishable food that?s not thirst-inducing (sorry, Saltines). Instead of cobbling together canned goods, order a Nitropak survival backpack ($134) which has enough power bars and first aid supplies to keep two people going for 72 hours.

Rechargeable flashlight There will be no running down to your local drugstore to pick up more batteries in an emergency, so get a rechargeable LED flashlight ($24) that stays plugged in at all times. When the power goes out, the flashlight comes on, making it easy for you to find it in your darkened home, even while you?re swearing over your stubbed toe.

For more information on preparing for specific types of storms and emergencies, visit the Red Cross.

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