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Amazon Wants to Find You a Plumber
Book a maid. (Jennifer Lopez not included.)

You already buy your dog food/panty hose/beach books on Amazon. But your plumbing repairs? Your oil changes? Your aerial yoga lessons? That’s just crazy talk!

Not so, say Jeff Bezos and his team of go-getter evil drones tech mavens.

Welcome, Amazon Home Services.

Think of AHS as a Yelp or Angie’s List with the one-click ease you’ve come to expect from any well-designed e-comm shop.

Get started by plugging in your zip code and searching for the service you’re after--anything from general handyman jobs and housekeeping to French lessons and iPhone repair. (Yes, we dropped it on the treadmill again. Sue us.)

After answering a few questions (e.g., How many hours of cleaning do you need? What type of phone do you have?), you’ll see an estimated price from a local vendor and a one-click option to schedule the service.

Prices are competitive with anything you’d book on your own (we got somebody to mount our TV for $115, and that iPhone repair cost $70), and all service providers are thoroughly vetted and appropriately licensed. The best part? You pay right through the Amazon site or app.

So go ahead: Throw some light electrical work in with that toilet paper.


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