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After months spent bundled up in massive layers wishing for warmer weather, we are happy to say that spring is finally here. And what better way to kick off the season than with some spring-cleaning? First up is the black hole you call your closet. Here, eight tips for getting organized.


Edit What You Have

First things first: Trim. Chances are, there are more than a few things in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day in years. To pare down, we’re fans of the KonMari method, which basically asks if the things you're holding on to bring you joy. If they do, keep 'em. If not, donate 'em


Don't Waste Space

Like, any space. Even the gap between hanging racks and the ceiling can be used for storage. Just make sure not to keep things you need on a regular basis out of reach. (Think: bathing suits in summer and gloves in winter.)


Use Skinny Hangers

Bulky plastic hangers have no place here. Invest in the super-slim, no-slip variety to save space and, frankly, sanity.

The Container Store ($9 for 10)


Hang Rods on Your Door

If your closet has a door, use it. But if you’re like us, those full-door shoe racks cause mad anxiety. Instead, mix things up and affix smaller rods to display other (prettier) accessories.

IKEA ($10)


Double Up on Hanging Rods

To maximize hanging capacity, consider adding a second rod. Tool-averse ladies, fear not: You can also buy rods that hook onto the existing top one.

The Container Store ($13)


Vacuum Seal Off-Season Clothes

It sounds super infomercial-y, but vacuum sealing unused clothes can save a ton of closet space. These way-thinner bags should fit perfectly in that nook between the ceiling and the top rack that we were talking about earlier.

Bed Bath & Beyond ($14 for six)


Coordinate Colors

It might not seem like much, but merchandising matters. (Think of the difference between Barneys and your grandma’s bedroom...) So, when choosing organizational accessories, stick to one color. The uniformity will make a small space look more streamlined and orderly. 

IKEA (from $10)


Add a Mirror Somewhere

Reflection also makes a world of difference. No matter the size of your space, hanging a mirror adds depth and dimension. Plus, you need a place to model your newly edited wardrobe, right?


Think Outside the Closet

Then again, nothing is holding you to that tiny closet. Use space where ya got it. If you happen to have a little extra room elsewhere (say, a weird nook), consider putting your everyday favorites on display. 

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