We know, we know: you’re never going to DIY that cut-out frosted mirror that’s been on your Pinterest board for the past year-and-a-half. But we promise you can (and should) try your hand at any of these truly easy crafts, all perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Because let’s face it, you never remember to buy birthday cards anyway.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

All you need is a stamp, some paint and a steady hand.

Add Leather Tassels to Your Party Shoes

This DIY is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new pair of heels.

Make a Pretty Jewelry Organizer

You don’t need to buy a fancy case. This pyramid costs less than $5 when you make it.

Then Make a Case for More Odds and Ends

A vanity tray is so much cuter than your junk drawer.

Organize Those Unsightly Cords

A little washi tape goes a long way.

Turn A Boring Terracotta Pot Into a Work of Art

Use this foolproof method for painting your containers, then watch our video for how to repot a plant.

Make Fancy Ice Cubes

These fruit ice-cubes jazz up anything, from summer sangria to basic H20.

Finally, Reward Yourself with a Drink

Try this single-serving lazy gal’s sangria recipe. Although, with all you’ve just done you are anything but lazy.

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