Welp, now you’ve done it. You snagged your favorite pair of tights and got a giant run and you can’t wear them and everything is the worst.

Not so, dear reader! Here, 9 ways to give those damaged stockings brand-new life.


Use them to protect a roll of opened wrapping paper

Prevent unraveling and keep the print crisp.


Or track down tiny lost items

Pull the tights over the end of a vacuum extension attachment to catch buttons and earrings.


Turn them into a makeshift duster

Slip opaque tights on like a glove to clean around odd-shaped spaces.


Or a paint strainer

Eliminate lumps from your pro-level finish.


Or cheesecloth

Because who owns cheesecloth, anyway?


Safeguard growing edibles in the garden

Cover melons and other fruits to halt pests in their little tracks.


And while you’re there, use them to tie plants to stakes

Keep your tomatoes in order.


Make a dryer ball

Also needed: ugly yarn.



And a clever home for all your onions

It'll maximize their shelf life.

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