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Are you hip to the new mystical hippie movement? It's a lifestyle trend that's half style (think sitting on cushions and wearing caftans) and half substance (mystic hippies swear by meditation, healthy eating and healing crystals). Check out these and other elements to light up your life.


What Buddhist chanting was in the ’90s, crystal healing is to our age. Basically, you write down a goal, place it under a pointy crystal, then arrange other rocks like so around it to manifest your goal. Get started with this kit ($50).

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You iconoclast, you, carrying the anti-status bag. You’re giving your business to small leather goods makers like Jocelyn Mason, whose camo-print leather satchel ($599) is tanned, silkscreened and braided by hand.

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A 1970s-era restaurateur-turned-commune leader created a group called The Source Family that became the darlings of Hollywood. The movie is a fascinating look at good intentions and major style (he drove a Rolls-Royce and his PYT acolytes wore flowing dresses).

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Iced Matcha Tea is the health beverage of choice for the nouveau hippie. Just add a scoop of the finely ground powder to a martini shaker ($39) with some ice and a bit of fruit juice, and you’ve got energizing, antioxidant-rich refreshment.

Matcha Source, 8036 W. Third St.; 877-962-8242 or


Mystic hippies like handmade objects with lots of texture, but won’t settle for just any old cushion on the floor. Hit the new Culver City home decor shop Studio by Dark for pottery, hand-dipped candles and a big knitted pouf ($475).

Studio by Dark, 8545 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310-837-7871 or


Lay around the house in a silk caftan ($495) digitally printed with an image from the African island of Lamu, a popular gypset style destination. It?s by clothing label Figue, which is popping through August at Ron Herman Melrose.

Ron Herman, 8100 Melrose Ave.; 323-651-4129 or


Write your intention down on a tiny piece of paper, then stuff it inside one of the little amulet pouches (from $200) made by Rihanna-favorite jeweler Jacquie Aiche. While you’re waiting for your wish to come true, you can enjoy the cool leathers (stingray, croc) and beads (onyx, turquoise).

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Mix a teaspoon of Goodnight Dust blend ($60) from hip juice emporium Moon Juice into nut milk or juice. It contains chamomile and herbs that help you have sound, REM-rich sleep.

Moon Juice, 507 Rose Ave., Venice; 310-399-2929 or

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