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Unless you live in, like, Versailles, we’re pretty sure you want parts of your house to look larger than they are. (That teeny, tiny guest bathroom! Was it built for hobbits?)

And while you probably know the most obvious advice (go for light colors; don’t be a pack rat), we’re betting you haven’t heard these eight sneaky tricks for making any room look just a hint bigger than it really is.


Hang Curtains High and Wide

This draws the eye up and over. Plus, there’s nothing sadder than a dinky window treatment. 

Image credit: One King's Lane


Or Better Yet, Skip Curtains Altogether

There’s a reason sun-drenched rooms tend to look spacious. (Just watch out for nosy neighbors.) 

Image credit: PopSugar


Mirror, Mirror

A mirror reflects light and color, and can sneakily create the illusion of more space.


When It Comes to Art, Bigger Is Better

Not that we don’t love your framed postcard collection.


Be Transparent

Glass, mesh, Lucite... Embrace anything see-through as your very best friend. (This blue desk, for instance, might look cluttered with a more traditional chair.)


Get a Leg Up

Go for furniture on raised feet or legs. A hint of space below your couch (or coffee table... or bar cart) gives a sense of airy breathability.


Match Your Furniture to Your Walls

We know: You like contrast. But a camouflage sofa/wall combo is an easy way to create simplicity and cut visual clutter.


Be an Executive Editor

Limit yourself to four must-have knickknacks. (Do you really need that Bo Peep figurine?)

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