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Basically, all anyone wants to do is make their pet happy. So gifting something special to a beloved dog pretty much means that no matter what else happens, you'll get some unconditional love. We’ve found the most fun, useful and surprising pet stuff around, from a plaid bow tie to a mechanized ball thrower.

Because pets...they’ll never storm out of a holiday dinner angry.

For the Latchkey Pet

The iFetch ball launcher means your pet can play ball without anyone constantly throwing it to them. (from $115)

For the Snappy Dresser

It’s impossible not to smile at a dog wearing a preppy bow tie collar. ($18)

For the Crate Devotee

Pets and owners appreciate the security of crating a pet when they’re away, but that leaves all those other hours of looking at ugly metal. Disguise it up with this cute and breathable cover-and-pad set. (from $159)

For the Trail Runner

You dip your pet’s paws into a splashless plastic vessel full of sudsy water, then use a microfiber mitt to dry them. And voila, no tracks on the carpet. ($29)

For the Neatnik Owner

Because El Nino is going to mean a lot of soggy walks, Bowser is going to appreciate an all-weather jacket. And his owner will love you for saving their velvet upholstery from becoming a dog towel. ($45)

For the leashless walker

Know someone who likes to walk on the wild side and let their pet off leash? Give them a little extra security with this LED lighted collar. ($23)

For the problem drinker

This little paw pad turns a garden hose into a water fountain. ($56)

For the Frenemy

The high-pitched squeal of the Adorable Snowman toy will keep a pet--and their owner--occupied all night long. ($9)

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