Beautiful bathroom renovations are the stuff of dreams. (Heated floors… rainforest shower heads… swoon.) But beautiful bathroom renovations also cost, like, $15,000. If you’re not in a place to go full-on remodel, here are eight easy things you can still do--on the cheap.

Hide a horrific tile backsplash with tile decals

What was the last owner thinking with that floral pattern? Cover up an ugly wall with a peel-and-stick decal backsplash. (It’ll come right off when you decide to move or invest in a proper renovation.)

Spray paint old hardware with a shiny, new finish

It’s amazing what fresh cabinet pulls can do for a small space. For an instant vanity upgrade, remove the hardware, refinish it with a metallic all-surface spray and replace when dry.

Brighten a medicine cabinet with shelf liner

Mask years of errant toothpaste stains by placing shelf liner on the shelves and back wall of the medicine cabinet.

Bring in a piece of upholstered furniture

Up the relaxation ante by dragging that spare side chair into your commode. Hello, insta-spa.

Use a ladder to stack towels

Pick up a rolling library-style model at an antique shop for a towel storage solution that doubles as a focal point.


Hang a crisp Roman shade

There’s nothing sadder than an old, dirty bathroom window. Invest in a tailored window covering that adds sophistication and a little privacy.

Paint a cast-iron tub a bright hue

Could your bathtub double as an extra in The Grudge? Make it cheerier by painting it a peppy hue like blue or yellow.


Install a chandelier

Hey, there’s a reason they call it sitting on “the throne.”

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