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You scored a total deal on the UWS. Sure, it has terrible laminate flooring and the bathroom walls are hot pink, but it’s a rental, so you’ll just have to compromise, right? Nope. Here are seven sneaky ways to renovate your rental apartment without making your landlord mad. Now about those light fixtures... 

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NY DecorHacks List1

Hang Wallpaper

Yep, you can do pretty much anything you want to your walls in NYC, as long as you paint them white again before you move out. We’re obsessed with this amazing paste-free peony wallpaper from Anthropologie, which is just as easy to put up as it is to remove.

NY DecorHacks List2

Put Down New Flooring

You’ve suffered with those icky linoleum tiles in the living room long enough. This temporary laminate flooring from Ikea snaps into place, so you can unsnap it and take it with you when you move. Best of all, it looks exactly like hardwood.

NY DecorHacks List3

Create a New Backsplash

Ugh, there’s a weird grease stain from the last tenant on the wall behind your sink. We feel your pain. Install peel-and-stick Smart Tiles for a whole new look. They’re heat- and humidity-resistant, but you can remove ‘em easily with a hair dryer when it’s time to move.

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Try Mini Demo Projects

So there’s nothing technically wrong with your bathroom sink, but it could use a face-lift and some extra storage space. Even if your landlord won’t pay to replace it, he might let you do it yourself if you cover the cost and don’t break anything.

NY DecorHacks List5

Replace the Kitchen Knobs

Here’s an easy way to give your kitchen an instant makeover: Swap out the handles on the cabinets and drawers. Save the old ones in a plastic bag and replace them before your lease is up.

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Change the Light Fixtures

Fact: NYC rentals always have terrible overhead lighting. Luckily, you can swap out that generic ceiling fixture for something way cuter, like these hanging glass chandeliers from Overstock. Hardwiring a light fixture isn’t as tough as it looks--just make sure to ask your landlord to turn off the electricity first.

NY DecorHacks List7

Take Down Those Awful Miniblinds

Here’s an easy way to upgrade your whole apartment: Carefully pop your miniblinds out of their brackets at the top of the window, then keep them in your closet until move-out day. Replace them with airy, sheer curtains like these from West Elm. Chic and easy--our favorite combo.

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