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We’ve got a big crush on the compact new Hotel Covell, a five-room boutique property located above the Los Feliz wine-and-cheese boîte Bar Covell. 

The structure used to be made up of a few basic apartments, but it’s gone through a yearlong reno and a Cinderella-worthy makeover led by interior designer Sally Breer, and now it’s the perfect overnight spot for everyone from Hollywood execs to families (rooms from $240 a night).

We were inspired by the hotel’s handsomeness and crafty use of space--so we stole a few ideas for retooling our own less-than-palatial pad.

Hotel Covell, 4626 Hollywood Blvd.; 323-660-4300 or

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Inset your bed

The hotel design team created two extra feet of room space when they set the bed into a recessed area of the wall. They made it all the cooler by surrounding it with groovy handmade Italian wallpaper. Bonus: The bedside mirrors hide closets.

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Use vintage luggage as a stash

Need to hide papers or countertop clutter? We like repurposing pretty suitcases as a way to get papers out of sight but still handy.

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Upholster your wall

When every few inches count, skip an upholstered settee and install a padded backrest right against the wall, like this green velvet banquette. Each section comes off individually, with removable covers that can be cleaned.

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Install bedside sconces

Wall-mounted lights free up nightstands for books and electronics. While hard-wired sconces are a job for an electrician, many attractive plug-in models are available.

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Install a Wall Unit

A custom-fitted floor-to-celing wall unit is a way to integrate storage, media and a mini-desk into a cohesive design statement with a minimal footprint.

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Build a desk into a column

Tap existing structural support as a foundation for new construction. This raw-edge desk uses a column as one of its legs.

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Baskets, always baskets

In small bathrooms, it’s nice to stay away from too many space-hogging cabinets. So throw a couple attractive baskets under the sink for towels.

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