From uninvited plus-ones to irritating lightweights, hosting a gathering presents all kinds of opportunities for disaster. Luckily, while party fouls can be the nail in an evening’s coffin, they can also the best story of the whole darn night.

Read on for savvy solutions to seven common shindig woes.


Problem: Someone spilled sangria on your new shag rug

Solution: Treat that sucker ASAP with one spray of detergent, one spray of vinegar, one spray of lukewarm water, then blot, blot, blot. Make sure to assure your poor, humiliated guest that this pales in comparison to the time you spilled your mocha all over your boss.


Problem: Two people showed up with the same dessert

Solution: First, rejoice, for the only thing better than coconut cream pie is two of them. Second, use the opportunity for a taste-testing contest (no sore losers, please).

amy schumer oversized glass of wine

Problem: Someone gets drunk and belligerent

Solution: There’s always one guy who hits the Sauv Blanc a bit too heavily--and way too early in the evening. Use this as an opportunity to turn up some jams for an impromptu dance party. It will be more fun to watch him dance than listen to him ramble. And hopefully it will tire him out so he calls it a night and orders an Uber.


Problem: You ran out of ice

Solution: Put all cold beverages in the freezer immediately to keep them chilled. Then locate the nearest person who owes you one and send them to the corner store pronto. (A little blackmail is fine when it’s for the greater good.)


Problem: Too many people showed up and there aren't enough seats

Solution: First, ask the neighbors of they have any extra chairs you can borrow. If that proves fruitless, just grab some pillows and blankets and hold your party picnic-style on the floor--viva la vie bohème!


Problem: Despite your careful calculations, there aren't enough HORS D'OEUVRES to go around

Solution: Locate any and all cheeses in the vicinity. Sure, you didn’t buy those mozzarella sticks and block cheddar for entertaining purposes, but when you’re in a pinch and the people are hungry, they might just save the evening--especially if you can cut them small and arrange them artfully.


Problem: You're exhausted

Solution: 1) Pour yourself a drink. 2) Blast Beyoncé. 3) Repeat.

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