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Professional car maintenance is important. (All hail the reliable, honest mechanic.) But not every job requires a professional. Check out our list of easy ways to clean, repair or otherwise improve your vehicle’s life span.


Create your own scented cleaning wipes

Mix equal parts distilled water and white vinegar, 15 drops of lemon oil, 8 drops of lavender oil and 4 drops of bergamot in 
a covered mason jar stuffed with small bits of a (clean) T-shirt. Use on leather seats, the dashboard and the like.



Use toothpaste on your headlights

Swipe an old toothbrush with toothpaste on the outside of your headlight to remove grunge and dirt.


Create bumpers from pool noodles

Always banging your garage wall with the car door? Cut a pool noodle in half and screw to the wall to create an easy bumper.


Give your car an internal cleaning

Not getting the mileage you used to get? Pour a can of B-12 Chemtool (found at any auto or home store) into your gas tank to clean the gunk out and keep your car running longer between fuelings.


Remove registration stickers easily

Forget the razor blade. Soak a piece of newspaper in warm water, place over the sticker for ten minutes and…voilà!


Give your car a good polish

The next time you get a teensy nick, hit the drugstore for a bottle of nail polish closest to your car’s color. We promise: Nobody will know you DIY’d.



Keep that pizza hot all the way home by flipping on the seat warmer. Yup. You’re welcome.

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