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Hey, Miss Clean. There’s more to housekeeping than just muscling through rooms with rubber gloves, a bucket and a thin-lipped look of determination. It's time to work smarter--not harder--with these home hacks designed to give you maximum satisfaction for minimum time, effort and cost.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Open up your home’s flow of chi--and create shelfie-worthy photo ops--using the secrets of a productivity pro.

Install This Kitchen Rack

Got a half-hour and a screwdriver? This pro-recommended cabinet organizer makes storing pots and pans a joy.

Glam Up Cheap Flowers

Grocery flowers won’t look like a budget bouquet thanks to these easy styling tips.

Tidy Your Bathroom Counter

Tired of the torpor that descends when your gaze falls on a messy sink area? Here’s how to avoid it.

Fix Your WiFi

No more dead zones or hard-to-remember passwords once you complete a 60-second install of this idiot-proof system.

Update Your Patio

Don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space with as much care as you would your living room.

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