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What a treat to receive or buy yourself flowers. (Happiness.) But what a downer to find those same blooms wilting just a few hours later. (Sigh.) 

We checked in with the online flower-delivery service Flower Muse for a few tips on making that bouquet last longer.

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Keep on the plastic

If your blooms come wrapped in plastic, keep it on for the first few hours after you’ve put them in a vase. This helps support the stems while the buds slurp up their hydration.

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Rotate your vase

Flowers will grow toward the light even after they’re cut. Repositioning them daily keeps them from getting lopsided.

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Keep them out of the sun

Your bouquet needs light but not hot sun, which makes flowers die sooner.

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Water with care

When you change the water, which you should do every other day, make sure not to get any liquid on the blooms themselves. It encourages mold formation.

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Flowers starting to wilt?

Cut the stems, fasten a band of paper around the top portion as support and put them in fresh water. Then place them under an overhead light source to encourage upward growth.

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