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We love our dogs. They are basically family. However when it’s time to take a vacation, lots of hotels don’t feel the same way we do about having Fluffy as a guest.

So don’t just board her in some stinky, cold kennel--give her a vacation of her own. We’ve put together a handful of dog vacations that are as varied as human getaways, tailored to the sporty dog or the sleepy sunshine-napper. Have a look at the list--there’s something here that will make your best friend yap happily the next time you pull out the suitcase.

Paradise Ranch

Real beds set up human-bedroom-style create a canine home away from home. Although indoor-outdoor play areas, water features and a high staff-to-dog ratio might seriously spoil any animal for ordinary digs.

10268 La Tuna Canyon Rd., Sun Valley; 818-768-8708 or

PetSmart Pets Hotel

This overnight boarding has a breezy atrium, and multiple dogs from a family can stay together. But let’s be honest, what your little friend is going to remember are the daily servings of dog ice cream.

PetSmart Pets Hotel, 330 S. La Cienega Blvd.; 310-358-0252 or

Glen’s Dog Inn

Have separation anxiety? Oh, and your pet does, too? Drop off your furry one at this place only three minutes from LAX, so you can be with them until nearly the last second. Thoughtful touches at the tree-shaded kennel are an upper yard reserved for large dogs to scan the horizon, a daily scheduled naptime and the option to have tuna mixed into meals.

Glen’s Dog Inn, 718 Vesta St.; 310-673-4264 or

Pooch Hotel

Helicopter parents will enjoy the webcam available at this indoor pet-boarding facility. Upgrade to a presidential suite and get a flat-screen television showing DogTV, a DirectTV channel with programming that alternately relaxes and stimulates canines.

Pooch Hotel, 2250 S. Barrington Ave.; 310-481-8085 or

Canyon View Ranch

Want to teach your pet some manners while you’re away? This Topanga spot not only has multiple, huge outdoor play areas and pools; it also offers daily training sessions along with boarding. Definitely book a 45-minute tour--you’ll be amazed by the “no barking rule” that new dogs learn from the pack as they settle in.

Canyon View Ranch, 1558 Will Geer Rd., Topanga; 310-455-7897 or

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