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5 Things to Do Just in Case Hurricane Joaquin Turns Out to Be Huge

You know Joaquin? That hurricane that everyone can't stop talking about that's allegedly coming to the East coast this weekend? Even though U.S. landfall isn't super likely, you can expect heavy rainfall just in time for Sunday brunch.

But if the storm changes course (again), it never hurts to be prepared.

Here, five super-simple steps to make sure you’re set if the storm hits near you.

1. Download an app that helps you track. Hurricane Pro ($3.99) uses your iPhone’s location services feature and syncs with the National Hurricane Center to send you weather alerts and notifications anytime the storm changes course.

2. Charge your phone. Heavy rain and wind is a recipe for power outages. Make sure your phone is fully juiced (you might even want to pick up a portable charger like this one from Amazon--always good to have in a pinch).

3. Bring in outdoor objects. Everything from lawn furniture and hanging plants to bicycles and garden tools. If you can’t bring it indoors, do your best to anchor it down. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure your basement hatch is sealed and rain gutters are clear.

4. Make sure your flashlights are working. Because, again: power outages.

5. And that you’ve got three days' worth of food and water on hand. Just us, or do natural disasters make you extra hungry?

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