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News flash: Your washing machine isn't just for clothes and a never-ending load of towels. The next time one of these common items--from shower-curtain liners to pillows--looks a little grimy, throw it in for a good cleaning.



Just like the rest of your bedding, pillows should be washed. Roll your pillows lengthwise and tie the ends with rubber bands so that the inside fibers don’t clump. Then throw them in the washer with mild detergent.


Yoga Mat

Between all the tree posing and downward dogging, your trusty yoga mat is bound to get funky. A quick wash with some cold water and a small amount of mild detergent will get it in top shape. (Hey, while you’re at it, throw your canvas gym bag in, too.)


Shower-Curtain Liner

A plastic shower-curtain liner gets mildewy fast (ew). Set the machine to the highest water level, and throw in a few bath towels, too. Hang the curtain back up to dry. 



New sneaks and Tough Mudders don't mix. Before you throw them out, try this trick. Give your shoes a quick rubdown with a wash cloth to get off the excess dirt, then toss them in the wash with a few towels to keep the machine balanced.


Car Mats

No matter how many times you visit the car wash, it feels like the mats are perpetually dirty. Next time yours need a deep clean, just remove, spray them with a heavy-duty stain remover and wash.

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