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You’ve arrived out east only to be faced with less-than-stellar weather. The beach and barbecues are out. So what’s a gal to do? Here’s a look at how you can enjoy a rainy day at home. (Hint: Make everything come to you.)

Wellness & Pampering: Revive

Don’t want to leave your living room? No problem. This service brings the workout studio (yoga, Pilates, cross-training, meditation) and/or the spa (health coaching, acupuncture, massages, beauty services, aromatherapy) to your door in as little as an hour.

Sweet Indulgences: Ladurée

Breaking: The preeminent macaron purveyor now delivers to the Hamptons. Aside from its famed macarons, you can also order pastries and cakes. Just make sure place your order via email by Wednesday for the upcoming weekend.

Household Essentials: Postmates

Errands, schmerrands. You can have food, groceries, clothing and even prescriptions delivered within East Hampton and Montauk in under an hour--and even track the location of the delivery person for time estimates. Fees start at $5, and all payments, including tip, are made via the app.

DIY Meals: Kitchn Synch

If you?re in the mood to cook (it?s the perfect rainy day activity), get pre-measured ingredients to prepare a complete meal based on recipes created by a Danny Meyer-trained recipe consultant (think bibimbap bowls and sangria chicken with fruit glaze). There are packages for two and four adults ($14.95 per person) and a family of two adults and three to four children ($54.95).

Readymade Meals: The Green Lunch

If you’re not in the mood to cook but don’t want order takeout, choose meals, like grass-fed lamb meatballs and organic beets and pea shoots with tahini, from this service’s ever-changing menu.  The minimum order is $58, and it delivers ($10) multiple times a week throughout the Hamptons (except Montauk--sorry).

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