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5 Kickstarter Pet Products Weve Got Our Eye On
Cat Caravan

From the Wish-We’d-Thought-of-That (a fitness tracker for dogs) to the crazy-pants (a cat placemat?), we’re intrigued by this latest wave of pet inventions on Kickstarter.

Lucky Tag You know how FitBit keeps track of your health? This is Fido’s own version--a collar accessory that monitors his activity, senses the temperature of his surroundings, tracks him with a 250-foot Bluetooth signal and more.

Cat Caravan Basically, this is a fancy cardboard box that’s been jazzed up with peepholes and a curvy, trailer-like design for your cat’s entertainment. Which is fine with us, since it flat-packs for storage and is a lot better looking than an old moving box. Plus, it comes with matching ball and bird toys!

Cruise Control Pet Leash A dog trainer with 20-plus years experience designed a leash with a body noose element that discourages dogs from lunging. This is great for training larger dogs to break the habit of unpleasant, neck-strangling walks.

Catzmat Yes, Fluffy is a messy eater, and no one likes those bits of kibble underfoot. So set this silky plastic mat under her bowl, then when she’s done noshing, pick up the mat by the curved acrylic, stainless-steel or bronze clip and pour the kibble back into her bowl.

The Pet Talker Turn the dog park into a gag-fest with this ketchup-packet-sized Bluetooth speaker that latches on to your pet’s collar. Use the accompanying app on your smartphone to transmit messages that sound like your dog is talking: “You gonna eat that?” “I’m soooo borrrreed.”

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