If you think the only solution for a tired refrigerator is buying a new one, maybe it's time to get creative. You can use anything from stickers to wallpaper to dress up your fridge and brighten your kitchen. Here's how.

Chalkboard Fridge


Turn part or all of your refrigerator into a restaurant-chic chalkboard. All you need is a can of blackboard paint...and some pretty handwriting.



Wallpapering your fridge is definitely the most time-consuming option, but when done right, it looks incredible. Chasing Paper ($35 per roll) and Wall Candy Art ($296 per roll) make great, removable bright and patterned prints. But really, any design you like will add instant pop to the room.



Kudu Magnets ($149) are made to fit the dimensions of your fridge and easily snap in and out of place. We particularly like the Brush Strokes and First Street designs.



You use wall stickers on your, well, walls, so why not fridge stickers in your kitchen? We're fond of this statement-maker from ADZif ($65), but we also love StickerForever's playful offerings like this cow print decal (from $76).

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